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Handydads plumbing services provided for Brentwood, Oakley, Knightsen, and Discovery Bay are as follows:

Opening blocked toilets

Unclogging shower, bathtub, and kitchen drains

Kitchen and bathroom remodels

Fixing burst pipes and repairing leaking pipes

Replacement and repair of existing plumbing

Installation of new accessories like faucets, water filters, garbage disposals

Handydads in Brentwood is ready to provide plumbing services through its highly trained and fully equipped professionals. Our service is available anywhere in the Delta region. We provide our plumbing services at an affordable price. Our pricing is unmatched among all plumbing services in Brentwood.

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Key features of Handydads for plumbing:

We offer 30 days warranty on all parts and services that is why our customers undoubtedly choose our plumbing services.


Our plumber service in Brentwood are unbeatable. We offer the best price with a service warranty!

Highly skilled team of Professionals:

Our skilled technicians are well versed in any kind of plumbing service in Brentwood and provide first-class service in your apartment or home. Our team of professionals is trained to provide you with the quality customer service you deserve.

On Time and Anywhere Service:

Your time is valuable.  We provide plumbing service in Brentwood with the promise of a confirmation call one day before and another call while our technicians are on their way to your location. We do this so you can enjoy your day!

Handydads are not contractors, although we are licensed and insured.

Common questions before using a plumbing service in Brentwood, Oakley, Knightsen and Discovery Bay

What are the common plumbing issues in homes?

There are myriad plumbing problems that are common issues faced by everyone. They are; Dripping Faucets, Clogged Drains, Leaky Pipes, Running Toilets, Leaky Water Heaters.

Hire a professional handyman to handle all types of plumbing issues. You must be careful of your every tap, drainage system, so that it never gets delayed in attending them.

What is the best way to choose the best plumber?

Whether you require a small leakage repaired, or all of the pipes hauled out and reinstalled, employing a handyman can be an overwhelming task, especially, if you have a grave situation. To start with, see whether they are both- licensed and experienced. Likewise, verify whether a plumber has been confirmed by the state where the work will be finished.

What are some alternative uses for Plumbers Putty?

Here are the uses of plumber putty that can be used in many ways;

1. It can be used to seal a pipe to a kitchen shelf.

2. It can likewise be used to connect kitchen sinks to counter tops.

3. Like sinks, even shower drains are altered into sinks and bathtubs with the use of plumber’s putty

4. Another use is to seal a toilet to the floor. Applying the putty to the base of the toilet and a little to the floor will take into consideration.

5. Pipes that don’t get heavy water pressure, one can apply plumber’s putty.

What’s the best way to fix a leaking faucet?

Leaky faucet in the bathroom or kitchen is not a matter of ignorance. Here are the ways to fix the problem;

1. Turn-off the water supply and remove the faucet handle that is held to the primary segment of the faucet.

2. Remove the handle and look at the faucet. Expel the pressing nut and bend out the axle or the stern.

3. Expel the screw that holds the washer. You can use an oil to loosen the nut if required.

4. Replace the old washer with the new washer to the faucet stem and reinstall the entire assembly in the reverse-order that you removed it in.

5. Reinstall the handle and after that replace the plate or the button. Turn-on the water supply and afterward check the faucet for leakage.

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